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Maya talks about postpartum hypomania, the baby pinks, on CTV Canada AM

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnancy and the postpartum period are times of significant life transition that may be filled with happiness, joy, and wonder. At the same time, pregnancy and parenting can trigger mental, physical, and emotional imbalances that can leave you feeling irritable, angry, afraid, sad, overwhelmed, and exhausted. These feelings can be hard to understand and difficult to manage. 

In therapy, you can learn effective coping skills to respond to these challenges. Maya provides support for women, couples, and families struggling with issues related to prenatal or postpartum depression and anxiety, scary thoughts, traumatic birth experience, the transition to parenting, adjusting to more than one child, relationship or marital distress, stress, burnout, self-care, and LGBTQ support.     


The experience of infertility can be heartbreaking, lonely, frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting. Whether you are heterosexual, LGBTQ, single, a couple wanting to be parents, or a couple facing secondary infertility, the struggle to conceive a child can be all-consuming, leaving you feeling your life is stuck on hold. 

Therapy provides confidential emotional support. A series of therapy sessions can help you develop coping strategies, take care of yourself and your relationship, manage painful social gatherings, cope with monthly appointments and procedures, and find balance in your life.  

Couples counselling helps to address relationship issues triggerred by infertility. A safe space to share  feelings and emotions can mediate differing opinions about treatment options and alternatives. Working together, you will develop healthy strategies to make decisions, handle stress, deal with the disruptions of fertility treatments, manage financial costs, and renew intimacy.